tg2htm - create HTML pages using ThumbGen output


tg2htm now is able to use ThumbGen Movie information files (.nfo ) to get all the movie informations !

You can create dynamic HTML pages to select your movies by genre and a lot of  filters now !

Have a look at some examples of  HTML pages to see what tg2htm can do for you:

HTML example using iframes  Thumbnail and Wall-Mode Movie sheets

HTML example using iframes  Thumbnail and Sheet-Mode Movie sheet

Complex DHTML (Javascript) example  using all features of tg2htm

Quite simple HTML example  using 3 frames and genre thumbnails

Really simple HTML example using 3 frames

The pages have been created using test data (to avoid publishing copyright protected pictures).

The examples are hosted on free webspace, so they will not load in turbo performance (sorry about that).


tg2htm is a tiny tool to create HTML pages using  ThumbGen output (movie sheets or/and movie thumbnails ....).

If you use ThumbGen to create thumbnails and/or sheets for your movie collection you might find this tool useful.

Sometimes it is a torture to get an overview of hundreds of movie files spread over several  hard disks or volumes.

Your movie collection is well organized by using ThumbGen and it's naming conventions (names of: movie-, thumbnail-, movie sheet- files, nfo-files) ?

Try tg2htm and you will create a HTML-page of your movies in just a minute.

tg2htm is under development, so check for new versions in the download section.


Written in Microsoft Windows scripting language Autohotkey
Tested on Windows-XP, Windows 7(x64)





tg2htm is a 100% portable application. No installation required, no installation routine available.
If you need shortcuts to start it, then create them manually.

Just copy it to a directory of your choice. On first start it will create it's needed subfolders and initial configuration files (this may take some seconds).
Templates are delivered with the executable.

You may have multiple instances / versions installed on your system, but only one instance may run at a time.

Help and advanced features

Help on tg2htm

Reference on how to create templates


Changelog of current version

Compiled binary (x86)


Thanks to:

All developers of the incredible piece of software called ThumbGen 

Titan for XPath <>
GNU General Public License 3.0 or higher <>

Developed using AutoHotkey_L Version v1.1.00.00
©2003-2010 Chris Mallett, portions ©AutoIt Team and the AHK community
GNU General Public License

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